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Eile Max Seal

Eile Max Seal

Eile Max Seal is a cement and acrylic-based, double-component, semi elastic waterproofing materialcontaining waterproofing additives.


TS EN 1504-2 CE-certified. 
Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Pos. No: 04.477 / 2



  • Horizontal and vertical applications in interior and exterior spaces, in the same direction with water.
  • Terraces and balconies (on the condition that they are covered)
    Basement walls and concrete pipes
  • Water tanks
  • Before screed and under the ceramics
  • Used as waterproofing material under the tiles on wet areas such as toilets and bathrooms.


  • Holds a certificate for use in drinking water reservoirs
  • Creates a semi flexible impermeable surface, excellent adhesion
  • Can be applied horizontal and vertical
  • Applied with brush  
  • Applied on damp surfaces
  • Water vapor permeable

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