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FC 805 System

FC 805 System

FC 805 System is an elastic hypalon-based insulating tape used for insulating dilatations, joints and cracks formed for various reasons. Eile FC 805 provides an excellent insulation over the cracks and joints when secured with Eile EPX 100 or Eile EPX 50 epoxy adhesive.


Used in:

  • Dilatation and moving joints,
  • Pools,
  • Roof joints,
  • Terraces and balconies,
  • Tunnels, culverts and sewers,
  • Hydraulics and water treatment plants.




  • Has 400% elasticity.
    Extremely good adhesion to building materials such as concrete, steel and wood.
  • Is weatherproof and waterproof.
  • Hardens quickly.
  • Is easy to apply and economic.
  • Is chemical resistant.

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